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Why We're Different

How PDOC Differences Make a Difference for You!

We Encourage

We encourage you to remain with your child throughout the entire dental visit. Many pediatric dental offices discourage this.

We Listen

Our pediatric dentists ask YOU FIRST about any concerns we can address regarding your son or daughter’s smile. Only after we listen to you do we proceed.

We Honor

We honor your little one, and seek to ensure he or she feels safe and relaxed. Childhood memories often remain with us into adulthood. Honoring your youngster now will help ensure a lifetime of happy memories!

John Acosta DDS Todd Smith DDS
6611 Kirby Center Cove #102
Memphis, TN 38115
(901) 363-8192
Our Board-Certified pediatric dentists provide top-notch care
We Deliver Healthy, Beautiful Smiles for Life!
Wishes for Gentle Dental Care delivered here
Infants through Young Adults Call PDOC their dental home
We encourage parents to remain with their child through the visit
Board Certified pediatric dentists mean top notch care for your child
Winners of the prestigious 'USA's Top Dentist Award'
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